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Naegheli - 2001 - Oct. 26, 2007

Naegheli (pronounced Nag-hell-ee)

One of the hardest things in life one has to do is put a beloved pet to sleep.

Last night I had to make a very difficult decision. Let my cat suffer for another two days to await test results that may or may not confirm my vet's suspicions that what he has is treatable (which would cost one thousand + dollars on top of what I'd already spent) just to keep him alive or to put him out of his suffering. I opted for the latter and put him to sleep. My heart broke last night.

The vets had run many blood tests and were telling me it could be this or it could be the end I had to go with my gut instincts that they really didn't know and I figured he wasn't going to make it despite my wanting him to be okay.

My heart is saying no more cats for this girl - I have two more cats (one is Naegheli's twin sister at 6 years old and one is 13 years old) and I will have to go through this two more times. Ugh!

Ohhhh the woeeeees of being a cat lover. :-(


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

In the Author's Loft with Emery LaRue!

Welcome to another edition of "In The Author's Loft".

Recently Erotic Romance Author EMERY LARUE and I had a wonderful chat while munching on chocolate drizzled danishes and steaming peppermint tea as we sat cross legged in front of my cozy electric fireplace at my still to be finished writing studio.

Emery is the founder of the review site “Sensual Reads” and she also writes a blend of erotic romances from sultry to seductive, from paranormal to contemporary as well as suspense. She’s got an absolutely gorgeous site so be sure to visit and check out her hot look at

Jan: Welcome to my humble writing abode, Emery. I must tell you that while visiting your site I couldn’t help but notice you’ve been a busy girl with several releases this year. Can you tell us a bit about each one of them?

Emery: The Vamptations Anthology came out earlier this year and my story is titled 'Love and Redemption'. A paranormal romance with two love stories. Vampire brother's, Draven & Logan, find love with Timber & Sahara. This anthology is among my favorites. I love the paranormal.

Crash and Burn also released in April. This is my first book with Whispers Publishing. It is a contemporary about a business man and an erotic romance writer who happen to be on the same plane when it crash lands on a lost island. Being the only survivors, well, things do heat up. I had so much fun with these two characters. The story recieved 4 roses from Sensual Reads as well as 4 Lips from Twolips Reviews.

Flames of Fate also released in August from Whispers Publishing. It is about a cold case detective names Crystal who is asigned to work on a ten year missing persons case. The victim is believed to be dead, but Crystal can't shake the feeling that things are not what they seem.

Nicholas, the missing person in question, is shocked to realize he has been in a state of limbo for ten years. All he remembers is the pain of a bullet to his chest. His only way to communicate with beautiful detective is through flame. Once the shock of it all sinks in, they work together to solve his case.

Now I can't tell you if he is really dead or not. But I can tell you that there is a twist :) The story recieved 5 roses from Sensual Reads, and I can't tell you how thrilled I was with that.

Jan: A well deserved 5 roses, Emery! So tell me, what are you currently working on? Or do you keep your works-in-progress a secret as some authors do?

Emery: I love to chat about my WIP's. If I don't the characters chew me out for not giving them the attention they deserve. LOL. As of now, I am in edits on The Huntress, Book 4 in the Portal Series. It is a series that involves vampires, demons, Greek God's, and lady warriors.

I also am in the process of a long planned contemporary western, Southern Hospitality, and it involves four men and their leading ladies. It will really be like a series all rolled into one book.

Of course I have several suspense waiting to be done as well. I tend to have about 3-4 stories going at a time. That's not counting the several dozen files waiting for me to pull and start. I get an idea for a book, and I start a file on it. It has grown, but I look forward to each one and the adventure I will take when working on them.

Jan: Do you have any releases coming soon? If so, what have you got coming for us?
Emery: My next release is 'The Richest Gift”. My twist on a fairy love story. It is set for November 2nd, also from Whispers Publishing. The Huntress is in progress as well. (Portal Series, book 4). A Touch of Taboo is in edits, as well as Let's Talk About Sex 2: Trudy's Story. All from Forbidden Publications. Information on these books and release dates can be found at as well as .

Jan: You are a busy woman! What challenges you the most in life?
Emery: I am a single mom of two great kids. A boy 10 and a girl 8. They are my greatest challenge, exspecially when school is out and mom is on a roll at the computer. But I wouldn't have it any other way. They keep it real for me, and interesting to say the least.

Jan: If I had the chance I would love to live in a cozy log cabin with rock fireplaces in every room. The cabin would be set in the middle of a hundred solitary acres somewhere in the foothills of Alberta’s Canadian Rocky Mountains. How about you? Where would you like to live?

Emery: If I could make a wish and live in one place, it would be Scotland. The beauty and the history of the land draws me in. I have so many research books and reference material on Scotland. I love the folklore and the fairy tales. I would want my home dead center of the greenest field, and when I open my door all I would see is land and endless sky.

Then again, I could live in a shoe as long as I was happy and doing what I love. My kids wrinkle their nose everytime I say that to them. LOL.

Jan: LOL. When and where are you the happiest?

Emery: My happiest moments is when the sun goes down, and I set everything aside, crawl into the middle of my bed with my two kids and watch a movie. Eating junk food and laughing, or hiding our eyes at a scary moment, that is when I am at my happiest. They are my greatest joy, and my greatest reward.

Jan: I wish I could play the guitar and fly – not necessarily at the same time. Which talents do you wish you had?
Emery: I wish I could play ANY instrument. It seems everyone in my family has musical talent except me. The fiddle would be my choice. I also wish I could paint or draw. I have a great love for art.

Jan: You make up for your lack of musical talent with your excellent stories, Emery. :-)
What makes you feel safe and secure?

Emery: Again, I would have to say my children and the love and support of my friends and family. Being a single mom, I try to meet the day with the determination to make it a good one. It get's hard, but with my family and friends, I feel like I can face anything.

Jan: Emery, what turns you off? What turns you on?

Emery: LOL...that's a loaded question ! But I will play it safe and say a big turn off for me is just plain and simple rude behavior. (In my day to day life and personal life) I can't tolerate rude behavior. Bad manners is also a big thing for me.
My turn on's would be good conversation and being around people with the ability to make me laugh. Now I said I was playing it safe!

Jan: Oh pooh! I hate playing safe. lol. Can you give us the urls to your blog, newsletter and other neat stuff you’d like for us to know?

Jan: What’s your favorite cuss word? I’d tell you mine but I’m not allowed to swear.

Emery: LOL....I have tried to clean up my language. Since my kids grew to an age of repeat what mommy says. Now, my favorite word is DAG NABBIT. No, im not sure why but it sounds alot better around the kids. I also tend to say HEAVENS TO BETSY, but stopped when my daughter asked who Betsy was, and I had no answer.

Thank you for having me!

Jan: Oh dear! Your kids sound great. Emery, thanks so much for visiting me at my studio. Feel free to drop by anytime and best wishes for a wonderful and successful writing career!


Peppermint Creek Inn is going to Spain!


Word just came down the pipeline from TPTB at Ellora's Cave that the Spanish publisher El Tercer Nombre will be putting out 24 Ellora's Cave books including Peppermint Creek Inn under the heading LA CUEVA DE ELLORA to test how the erotic romances do in their market!!!
(Spanish language, world wide). More details when the contracts are signed.
jan, off to celebrate

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In The Author's Loft - Red Garnier

Hi guys!

Recently I’ve started to interview erotic romance authors that have dropped by to visit me and of course to check out my new work in progress loft. *grin*

So I’ve decided to take advantage of all my buddies during their visits by interviewing them and posting their interviews under a new series heading - In the Author's Loft. I hope you enjoy them.

I'll be posting to my blog, the Moonglade Elite Authors blog as well as my newsletter. Your feedback is appreciated too. Enjoy!

And now without further adieu…here’s our very first inductee into “In The Author’s Loft”.

Interview with Guest Author RED GARNIER

Intro: I’m so proud to introduce to you RED GARNIER. Red writes sexy hot erotic romances for several publishers. Her favorite color is red and she’s a lover of love, laughter and hot steamy sex. She lives with her husband and is a proud mother of two. Recently Red dropped by to visit and we chatted about her books and her private life while we nibbled on chocolate chip cookies and painted the loft’s very steep ceiling.

Jan: Red! I’m so excited to have you here. I’ve heard Ellora’s Cave and Loose ID have published your books. Can you tell me a bit about these sexy releases?

Red: Jan, thanks so much for having me, it’s a real honor! Yes, I’m published both with Ellora’s Cave and Loose ID. I write contemporaries, paranormal, lately even fantasy. Though whatever the genre, you can be sure my books are steamy, sexy reads with a dash of funny and I truly hope people will continue to enjoy them.

Jan: I love your website! The red cherries and red lips are mouth wateringly delicious. I also noticed you’ve got some upcoming hot releases. What scrumptious details can you tell us about them?

Red: Upcoming in November, watch out for Spin Some More, my fifth EC release. Spin Some More is so fun and so very hot I blush when I think about it. It’s Exotika, the third in The Devilish Games series, and I can’t wait to hear what readers think of it. And for December I have The Sheeman out with Loose ID, a very romantic fantasy erotica that never fails to make my heart go aflutter.

Jan: Your books sound great. I can’t wait to read them. And now how about some personal questions I’m sure the readers would love to know. What is your most treasured possession?

Red: I’d hate to sound boring but I’ll just have to say my laptop. I simply can’t live without it. When I don’t have that creative outlet, my thoughts start driving me insane and I get real cranky. ;)

Jan: Not boring at all, Red. I sure can relate to what you experience. Around my place I’m known for being downright nasty when I can’t get my writing time.

Jan: Red, what do you consider your greatest achievement?

Red: I’m a happy wife and mother, and I have a very satisfying—more like completely out of this world—career, doing what I love most. I feel truly blessed, Jan.

Jan: A Dairy Queen sundae dripping with hot fudge gives me the most satisfaction in life.
What gives you the most satisfaction?

Red: Ooh, I have to say, sugar just makes me happy. All kinds of sugar. Chocolate. Cakes. Cookies. Ice Cream. That sundae you mention sounds absolutely divine.

Jan: lol Then I’m glad I made you eat these chocolate chip cookies. You know, my greatest fear is being trapped in a roaring fire (without my cookies). What’s yours?

Red: I’m such a scaredy cat I don’t even know where to begin. Fires. Storms. Drowning. Accidents. Sharks. Monsters under the bed. You name it, it scares the beejezus out of me.

Jan: Do you have any current works-in-progress? Can you give us a sneak peak?

Red: I just finished and turned in Seven Sinners to my Ellora’s Cave editor. This is an Exotika about seven hot, hot, hot vampires in a wild night of sex and sin. Now onto the next project. It’s still a bit fuzzy in my head but I’m thinking I’d definitely like to tackle a bit of BDSM . . .

Jan: Count me in on the seven hot, hot, hot vampires! Wooohooo! Sounds fantastic!

Jan: It was a cold February Sunday morning in 2000 when I got an email accepting my very first book for electronic publication. For days I walked around in a daze of disbelief…it still hasn’t sunk in that I am a published author. What were you doing when you got The First Call? What book was it? How did you react? And has it sunk in that you are published?

Red: That was such an amazing moment I get jitters just remembering. It was Christmas 2006, just days before New Year’s Eve. I was vacationing with my family and trying to squeeze in a bit of writing time while they slept. Near midnight, I get an email from my now EC editor, saying she loved Spin Devil and wanted to publish it.

Not only that but weeks before, I’d already sent the sequel, Spin it Again, and she wanted to buy it too. I squealed and of course immediately emailed her saying YES! I woke up my hubby and squealed to the top of my lungs and let him squeeze me tight, and for hours afterward I couldn’t sleep. It all still feels like a dream to me. To spend my days doing what I love, get reviews, fan mail . . . yep. I’m dreaming. Please pinch me! ;)

Jan: lol no, I won’t pinch you Red. I don’t want you smacking me and waking me from my dream. I don’t want this excitement to ever end! Tell me, sweet stuff, what are you excessive about?

Red: Books, chocolate and sex. Not necessarily in that order. ;)

Jan: When a writer asks me for advice I usually tell them to keep writing because you haven’t failed until you quit. What’s your advice for aspiring writers?

Red: Definitely, keep writing, keep reading—because reading is a bonfire of inspiration and knowledge for a writer. And don’t compare yourself to others. This always makes you feel lacking in some way because you’re not the same person. Remember no one writes like you do. You’re unique. Let your voice come out, don’t lose it trying to mimic others, and write, write, write.

Jan: Can you give us url info about your newsletter, blog, website, etc…

Red: Sure, I’d love to! I love having visitors.

My website is; http:// To visit my personal blog please go here; and I also blog at Six Degrees of Sexy with five other wonderful EC authors. And now at Moonglade Elite, of course. ;) Jan, thank you so much for having me, it has been so much fun! Best wishes to you, and I do hope we get to do this again soon.

Jan: Thank you s so much for dropping by my place for a chat, Red. You’re fantastic with a paintbrush and I look forward to reading your sexy reads and eagerly await your future releases!! Best wishes for a wonderful successful career!

Red Garnier's current release is from Ellora's Cave. Bona Fide Liar in the Torrid Tarot series.




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Party is on! for games and contests and chances to win neat stuff!


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"No Work, More Play" Coming January 2008

Pocket Books has named the print anthology which will contain Edible Delights! I'll post a cover as soon as I have one.

Title: No Work, More Play. I definitely love this title *grin*

Here's more info that I found at the Simon and Schuster site:

No Work, More Play
Ellora's Cave
By N. J. Walters and Susie Charles and Jan Springer
This Edition: Trade Paperback
Publication Date: January 8, 2008
Our Price: $14.00

Availability: This title is not currently available from

ISBN -10: 1-4165-7661-4
ISBN-13: 978-1-4165-7661-7

Here's a peek at the stories:

Edible Delights
Jan Springer

Max and Nick were very fulfilled with Allie Masters, their gorgeous redheaded assistant. The lovemaking was breathtaking and both friends willingly shared the woman they wanted to spend the rest of their lives with. And then she left.

Now Max and Nick have decided its time to seduce Allie back into their lives…

Unmasking Kelly
NJ Walters

Kelly Allen has been in love with her boss almost from the first, and tonight, hiding behind her costume and mask, she can keep her identity a secret as she attempts to seduce him into one long, hot night of pleasure…

Liam is determined to remove her mask and claim the lady as his very own. Can he convince her to reveal her identity or will she walk out of his life forever?

Velvet Strokes
Susie Charles

Tom desperately needs Elizabeth as his model for a set of special nude paintings commissioned by a prestigious organization. In exchange for two weeks of sittings, Tom will ensure her money troubles are over.

Convincing her to model for him is the easy part. Convincing her he loves her and wants her back—at any cost—is just a tad harder.

Congratulations to the other ladies in the anthology!!!


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